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4-Day Sydney Northern Beaches Adventure 

Looking to improve your open water swimming technique? Why not join our Sydney swimming training camp in early 2015.

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Victoria Velotour

Check out our road cycling tour for trained cyclists in 2015!

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Effortless Swimming 

Summer is soon approaching here in Australia, and we have three new swimming holidays along two of the most iconic and scenic
coastlines in Australia.
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Active Weekend with Venture

If you're in Halls Gap for the Food and Wine Festival, why not come along on one of our active adventures this weekend!

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Time to visit South Korea!

A great destination in its own right, or easy to compare with a trip that includes Japan.

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Looking for an incentive trip for your team?

A trip to Japan could be what you're looking for!

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Love running?

Join us in Japan for some of the world's best trail running experiences!

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2014 Pier to Pub Lorne

Swimming and Running at Lorne, at this years Pier to Pub and Mountain to Surf event

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Tour de France 2014 - in Yorkshire!

We jump on the cycles and experience the 2014 Tour de France as we cycle through the Yorkshire Dales.

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A photography trip to Japan

Explore the fascinating and beautiful region around the ancient capital of Kyoto - testing your skills on a range of unique and photographic subjects.

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Experience Japan!

14 days to explore the best of this fascinating country - from the neon of Tokyo to the temples of Kyoto.  Let's discover it together!

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Let's go to the movies - in Japan!

Join us in Japan for a first hand experience of the iconic movie locations that showcase this fascinating country at its best.

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Tokyo Boxing Camp

Japan's boxers are making headlines and winning matches around the world.  Want to share some of their secrets and improve your fighting fitness?

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2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo

We are super excited that Tokyo has been selected to host the Summer Olympics in 2020.  Come and check out what all the fuss is about!

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Bush Fitness Retreat

We've found the perfect place to experience the real Australia.

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Join our LazyRunner tour to Kyoto

Led by Marie Bean - Australia's favourite running coach - this is a great trip that will help improve your running while experience the spectacular region around Kyoto.

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Discover Japan with the guys

Join a fun group of guys to experience Tokyo or Kyoto - or both!

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A day trip to Mount Fuji

If you're in Tokyo and only have limited time, then a private day trip to Mount Fuji should be on your 'must-see' list.

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Hike Japan's pilgrim trails

For over 1200 years the Kii mountain ranges were deemed a spiritual region inhabited by the gods.  Join us on this extraordinary five day hiking expedition.

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Walking tours of Kyoto

Discover the ancient capital of Japan with this series of spectacular walks exploring the culture, history, and stunning natural environment.

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Mountain Bike tours - Japan

Why not organise a mountain bike tour of Japan for your group?  A short trip for three days, or something longer for seven days, or let us tailor an itinerary especially for you!

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Cycle Kyoto

Discover the food, culture, and spectacular scenery of the ancient city of Kyoto.  The best way to do it is by bike!

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Altitude Training in St Moritz

If you’re using altitude training to prepare for a specific event or competition, then getting your timing right is essential.

Current research suggests that following training at high altitude you will be at your performance peak either within the first two days (of returning to normal altitude) or after waiting for a period of up to 20 days.

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Cycle Australia

The Shipwreck Coast has everything from beautiful coastline, rainforest, mountain ranges, and of course some fantastic cycling.

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Natural Fitness in Australia

Whatever your age or fitness level, our Natural Fitness philosophies will help you develop the tools for life-long health and vitality.

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A school trip to Indonesia?

At Venture we are committed to providing safe, rewarding small group travel experiences.

We aim to provide quality ground services, exceptional value, expert advice, unique itineraries and friendly service from the concept stage through to the day you return home. 

Why not plan your next school excusion with us?  At the moment Indonesia is a really popular destination.

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Hike and cycle to explore Japan

With decades of experience in tailoring expeditions around the world we are unmatched in our ability to draw on expertise both in the field and in the planning stages.

Our primary focus is on providing a unique and exciting adventure that meets the needs of your group.

Japan remains one of our favourite destinations - why not join us to hike and cycle on an expedition to explore this fascinating country.

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Triathlon training in Australia

Join us to explore the Shipwreck Coast’s beaches along the Great Ocean Road - Torquay, Anglesea, Lorne, Apollo Bay, and Port Campbell, and push up into the Otway Ranges for some hill climbs on the bike.

Itineraries can be tailored to your objectives and performance level.

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Energised Japan

Learn about the history and culture of this fascinating country as you cycle and run through the capital, meet our resident experts who will teach you about the physical and mental discipline required to master karate, aikido, zazen meditation and sumo.

Learn more about Shiatsu massage as our masseuse loosens your muscles and enjoy an amazing sea kayak amongst fluorescent plankton.

And of course let’s not forget the ascent of Mt Fuji, Japan’s highest and most holy peak and a morning spent watching the sun rise after walking all the way from the bottom along the oldest pilgrimage route up the mountain.

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Leadership & Team Building in Australia

Whatever age your group, whatever your objectives, we can help you to design and deliver a leadership development or team buiding exercise.

We immerse ourselves in the Grampians National Park in the South East of Australia.  Itineraries can be tailored from three to seven days.

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Open water swimming in Japan

The island of Okinawa holds a wealth of fantastic open water swimming opportunities for your group.  We can tailor an itinerary to suit your timescale, fitness levels, and objectives.

Check out our sample itinerary or get in touch so we can start planning your adventure today.

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Swim Borneo

Discover the Indonesian island of Borneo.  Fancy swimming with baby turtles?  This is the place!

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Experience the Australian bush first hand on our Grampians Fitness trips

Our Bush Retreat is a unique fitness vacation amongst the stunning flora and fauna of the striking Grampians National Park, just a short 3 hour drive from Melbourne. 

Halls Gap is a quaint village dwarfed on each side by sandstone mountain walls rising steeply and sharply.  This is the only town in the National park and it is a great base for our retreat.

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Train for the Mount Fuji run

Let us help you and your group train for one of the toughest mountain runs in the world.

We can tailor an itinerary matched to your requirements and objectives - plus we'll give you some insights into the running cultures and traditions of Japan, a country obsessed with running!

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Altitude training in Colorado

Whatever your sport, whatever your level - the Colorado area has top level facilities that enable us to design a altitude training program that that specifically meets your objectives.

Start planning your training camp now!

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Swim and Kayak in Okinawa

Stretching from the island of Kyushu, one of Japan’s four main islands, to the island of Taiwan, the Ryukyu islands stretch 1,000km. There are more than 150 islands which are divided into the northern islands, part of Kagoshima prefecture on Kyushu, and the southern islands, part of Okinawa prefecture and administered by Naha on Okinawa island.

We can build and tailor an itinerary to suit the requirements of your group.

Start planning your expedition now!

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Trail running in Australia

The diverse continent of Australia offers a multitude of unique running opportunities.

The shipwreck coast on the South East of the continent not only has stunning scenery but also some of the best running trails in the world.

Start planning your trip now!

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Cycle Mount Fuji!

Tokyo is a dynamic, modern hub, the thriving capital of an ancient land.

Contradictions are everywhere, as hi-tech gadgetry and neon lights play an integral part in the lives of a population steeped in tradition.

This trip not only challenges the serious cyclist but also enables you to experience some unique parts of Japan’s countryside.

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Fancy an expedition to Japan?

If your group is looking for some action and adventure in Japan then talk to us about designing a trip that challenges you, takes you out of your comfort zone, and delivers some experiences that will stay with you always.

Discover a different side to Japan - whether it's running, cycling, or swimming... or maybe all three!  Experience the food, the culture, and come back fitter and healthier than ever before.

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Get active - in Wales!

Start your adventure in Cardiff and then discover the ruggedly beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

We'll design an itinerary tailored to your group - it can be action packed or some gentle rambling followed by a pub lunch!

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Discover Japan!

Thinking about visiting Japan for the first time?  Let us show you the cities of Tokyo and Kyoto - two different cities, two sides of Japan - fascinating, exciting, intriguing, and a cultural journey that will excite all of your sense.

Itineraries can be tailored to your group's timing and interests.

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Bush to Beach - An Australian Adventure!

Experience the real Australia - the bush, the outback, the coast and the beach; plus the wildlife, the food, and the people.

Whether you've already fallen in love with Australia and are returning for more, or if this is your introduction to this diverse and fascinating continent, let us show you the best that 'Down Under' has to offer.

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Open Water Swimming in Australia

Now is the time to start planning your swimming expedition in the Southern Hemisphere's summer.  We're loving Australia's 'Shipwreck Coast' - itineraries can be tailored to the needs and objectives of your group.

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Trail running in Japan

Elite runner Suzuki Hiroko has joined Venture and will be leading some fantastic running trips for us departing from both Tokyo and Kyoto.

Get your group organised now to join us on a running expedition of a lifetime!

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Fancy an adventure?  Discover Tokyo with us!

The reviews on TripAdvisor are flooding in - everyone is loving our nightlife tour of Tokyo.  Heading to Japan soon?  Come and discover one of the world's greatest cities. 

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We're recruiting!

Due to growing demand for our expeditions in Japan, we are looking for new talent to join our Venture team!

If you have a passion for travel, are based in Japan, speak Japanese and English, and want to join a fun and high energy team, then read on for more detail! 

Click here for general trip leader roles.

Click here for details of our Urban Adventure roles in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Click here for details of internships available in Kyoto.

Click here for our Driver roles available in Japan

Click here for our Manager roles available in Japan

Discover Forest Bathing

It might sounds like a slightly odd thing to do, but lately we've been loving the traditional Japanese past-time of 'forest bathing'.

Inspired by ancient Shinto and Buddhist practices, the experience of forest bathing (known as 'shinrin-yoku') is designed to let nature enter your body through all five senses.

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Bingham Cup comes to Sydney

The Bingham Cup is a massive rugby tournament that brings together the world's gay rugby teams for a week of serious competition.

In 2014 the competition will come to Sydney and will be hosted by local club the Sydney Convicts.

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Read all about it! Open Water Swimming!

There seems to be a real buzz about open water swimming at the moment - wherever you are in the world.  We're seeing new competitive events being added to the UK swimming calendar, and lots of adventurous new swims in the waters around Japan.

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